Cannabis company makes 4/20 employee holiday

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One cannabis company in Massachusetts has decided to make the popular cannabis sales day 4/20 a paid holiday for their team members.

This is the busiest day for most cannabis companies in the U.S. and elsewhere, millions of people around the world celebrate 4/20. Due to the amount of business that they see on this day most companies might not be willing to offer that situation though, employees working there are most likely open to taking advantage of such an opportunity however.

There will be 4/20 events going on around the U.S. and in other countries, a number of organizations have already started planning and marketing their gatherings that are being put together for the green-friendly holiday next month.


sales for 4.20 in 2022

They saw an increase across the industry last year as well for 4/20, it is still one of the most busiest sales days for cannabis companies around the market.

Americans spent around $128 million on 4/20 alone last year, according to some estimates. As for what people are buying most it seems flower and edibles are still some of the most popular products that people go for.

Not only is 4/20 busy for them but so are the days and weeks leading up to that celebration as well, as consumers get ready and stock up for the festivities.




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