Over $6 Million in Cannabis Already Sold in New Mexico

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New Mexico just recently launched their cannabis recreational market that allows for up to 2 oz of cannabis to be purchased by each individual or 16g of cannabis extract. This is an exciting change for NM and those nearby too who have already travelled to the area to take part in the market and support the legal changes on cannabis.

Millions of dollars in cannabis sales in the first week

NM has already seen millions in the first week of cannabis sales. It's reported that businesses have already sold over $6.1 million for recreational cannabis products. There are also medicinal sales going on in the region too.

When Nevada first welcomed cannabis they had a huge first month of sales, they saw more than $27 million coming in for cannabis dispensaries in the region for several weeks.

At the rate NM is going for cannabis sales they could see about the same for their first month in sales as well.

Several years ago when Oregon brought on their legal cannabis market for recreational sales they too saw big demand, around $11 million just within that first week.

Of course these markets have gone on to grow significantly in Nevada, Oregon, around California, Washington, Colorado, and they are coming to other areas because there is high demand.

Sales for the NM cannabis market are expected to top $400 million in the first few years.

Over time it could lead to the creation of thousands of jobs and bring in tens of millions of dollars into the economy as well.



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Nice! I love it when we add another one to the list! So now when I drive from Oregon to Alabama to see family, a large portion of the southern route is all legal, lol. Now we just need TX, OK, AK, MS, and AL to sign on and the whole trip is smokin'! lol