Texas Father Takes a Gamble to Show How Cannabis Helps His Daughter

One father from Texas is doing everything he can to help his daughter who suffers from Cerebral Palsy and severe Autism. There are many medications that they had tried but they still were struggling to find something that could help during the worst symptoms that the family would experience. Those episodes would often involve his daughter engaging in self harm and on a daily basis there would be some sort of episode.

Eventually, he found one thing that could offer her some remedy during the worst struggles and that was cannabis.

Eventually, he made a video showing the world how it helped his daughter and how they used it during one of the episodes.

He vaporizes the cannabis and places a mask over her face so that she can inhale, it doesn't take long to see the effects. He figured that nothing would change in the laws on cannabis unless someone gambled, and that is what he did by posting the video which thousands of people ended up seeing.

He has asked people in Texas to call their senators and representatives and make their voice known on this issue, to push for a public hearing on past bills that might bring changes. For years people have had to struggle with the criminality surrounding cannabis in Texas and things have been slow to change.

No one with any illness that could seek remedy from cannabis should be prevented from doing so or made into a criminal for wanting to try a plant based option that might improve their life, that might bring them some remedy that nothing else can. For those who are suffering it is worth trying almost anything when you are desperate for some relief.

After he gained attention for giving her the cannabis however, someone reported it to CPS and they have had to struggle to maintain guardianship over their daughter.

Cannabis Freedom Needed in Texas

The Texas medical marijuana program has expanded over the years but it isn't enough yet, nowhere near enough to meet the need of those in the state who want cannabis products and overall cannabis freedom to grow and trade.

Not only do people in the state need cannabis freedom but those outside of the state as well who will benefit from it. There are those who would like to visit their friends or family members in TX for example who have to choose between being able to be medicated or going to see those family members. It is a choice that they shouldn't be forced to make.

The information that is posted above is not intended or implied to ever be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.



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I like this post, thank you that you let as see it.

I have also know this that we need this plant back to are hands. It have 50 000 uses how lot we have plants in garden what can give same number ?



@tipu curate

This is the reason my ex and kids moved to Oregon from FL. Cannabis is the only thing that helps her and my son. We got tired of feeling like criminals just to get medication.

it is unfortunate how many have to suffer over this plant

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