The Cannabis Edibles Halloween Myth

The cannabis edibles market is one of the fastest growing spaces of this industry and some edibles today can get expensive. There are edibles upwards of $50 for one gummy, it depends on the dose that you are getting.

Then there are others that range anywhere from $11-$22 where you might get a package that offers a variety or again maybe just one gummy. Edibles are expensive around the U.S. and your average cannabis user doesn't make a lot of money, with average incomes anywhere between $50-70k, there are also many seniors and veterans who use cannabis who cannot afford to pay much for their medicine while on fixed incomes.

Cannabis edibles aren't cheap

The idea that anyone would spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, or even $20 to give out free edibles on halloween to children is hard to fathom. This myth has been ongoing for years and still persists to this current season.

Edibles are in high demand right now in the cannabis market, who would want to give these items away for free?? It's anti-cannabis fearmongering that doesn't ring true.

Joel Best, who is regarded as the top authority on poisoned Halloween candy, an individual who has investigated the topic, suggests that this is just a myth and it is something he has been trying to educate the public about for years.

But regardless of those efforts and investigations into the subject of cannabis tainted Halloween candy, which have refuted the notion that there are a bunch of pot dealers out there just waiting for Halloween night to spread some edibles around, we still get told the same nonsense each year.


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