UK Activists Encouraging Hemp Growing

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UK Activists have recently launched a campaign that is looking to encourage people in the region to try and grow hemp, whether or not they've allegedly got a license to do it.

The group behind the move, known as Liberate Hemp, is looking to educate and push for hemp reform, as restrictions have gotten in the way of many benefits that might be associated with this market.

More farmers in the US in recent years have also gone looking for alternative cash crops to explore and hemp has worked out for many.

There are a variety of uses for hemp and unexpected products that can be created using this material. But encouraging people to start growing regardless of consequences isn't a move that has caught on around the US yet.

To grow hemp it has been difficult with farmers being required to get a permit etc and the process isn't as easy even for those who might have skill and interest in getting involved. Some farmers that have wanted to get involved have also had their requests denied, not everyone gets the freedom to explore the hemp market and activists are looking to educate and change things for the better.

An economic and ecological lifeline for farmers in the UK

“Hemp is too important for the health of the nation, the health of our communities and the health of our planet, to wait for the government to explain why they have criminalized growing it,..." - Z Winterbottom

Plans for a Mass Grow in JUNE

They have reportedly encouraged people to openly grow it and to even post about it on social media and explain their motivations for wanting to get involved. It is sure to bring a lot of attention to the market and to hemp whether or not it will be a good thing as it won't be surprising ot see the media quickly try to demonize these efforts and anyone getting involved with the civil disobedience campaign.


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An excellent initiative.
Thanks for sharing.