US Cannabis Market Has Created Over 400k Jobs

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The cannabis market in the U.S. is still in its infancy in the sense that there is federal restriction which remains and several states which overwhelmingly still harshly criminalize this plant and market. Even in states with legalization there are restrictions surrounding a number of cannabis-related activities and exchanges.

There has been change in recent years but it is still slow in coming and who knows how much longer it might be before things change on a federal level as well.

But it looks like things are speeding up in that direction that perhaps it might soon see federal reform on the current classification.

Despite the many restrictions that still remain and the many services or jobs that aren't allowed within the market etc, there are many jobs which have been created already.

Thousands of cannabis jobs to find

It's estimated that some 400k jobs have been created since legalization and there are still a large number of areas that have room to embrace this market, and they could help bring on even more jobs in the future to this industry.

What kinds of jobs does the cannabis market create?

There are a wide variety of jobs needed within the cannabis market, everything from growers, to sellers, cannabis dispensary security, cannabis delivery drivers, product testers, cannabis influencers and photographers, cannabis artists, cannabis marketing experts, cannabis real estate agents have also started marketing themselves, and there are a wide range of other job opportunities too. Cannabis tourism markets also have a great opportunity to bring thousands of jobs.

For communities that are struggling and looking for some economic opportunity it might be found within the cannabis market and embracing that plant freedom. Farmers could be looking to grow cannabis for a better cash crop, or struggling towns might seek to embrace a new industry for jobs and prosperity, there are multiple reasons to welcome a cannabis market. This plant has a lot of benefit to offer if only more would be willing to open up to those opportunities rather than seek to restrict them.



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That is a huge amount and it can still be increased - many of these jobs also do not require years of training, so it is a great way to engage those who are not on the job market imho.


There are many health benefits of cannabis and other health disadvantages with it so I think Government Regulations will continue to plague this development until its finally refined to its bearest minimum.

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