Free clone still trucking on

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I got given 4 of these 4 odd weeks ago and re-homed 3 of them, i decided to keep the last one to see what i could get off it.
This clone was veged for half the amount of time it should have got before being turned to flowering, hey if i get anything it will be a bonus
i am feeding it nutrients and this plant stays outside all of the time, when you look closer it is covered in frost and the buds are growing
The other 3 people i gave the others to are telling me they are happy with them, smells quite nice too

Anyway it's Saturday here and a rather warm day, got the inlaws down and will fire up the BBQ later to cook some Racks of Lamb...mmmmmmm

Hope your day is going well wherever you are

Pictures were taken with my iPhone seven

I am @dr-autoflower
grren wild shark part 2.jpg


Awesome specimen and photography.

Like an evil supervillain Doc Auto :-D Great post man, really cool looking plant there.
It always amazes me how different indoor and outdoor look from one another.