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Age Before beauty they say. Well to be honest the ladies all broke ground on the same day, this here is transplant day for the seedlings. Age being mentioned those Ol' clay fired pots there have a handwritten brand and date at the bottom of, 1973. The Swan and bowl much younger I am sure, although I did not purchase either. Both were found in my mothers planters. Yep. K.
Tigers Eye Obsidian is the stone that I went with in this ornamental grow. I like to take the object I'd like to trap, and let in soak in some water for 24 hrs or so just to see what it might do to the Ph for the life of the grow. Mostly trying to make sure I don't put anything that might be harmful to the ladies, right next to where they bring life into their systems.
I love to watch things grow. Anyhow, I use a super soil mix of my own concoction, using Down to Earth. Once all squared away in the larger planting area an the stone is set I cut the bottom of a starter pot out and get the best placement possible and begin backfill. It was pretty nerve racking to say the least when I moved them from the plug tray to the rock, only 1 week out of the dirt when that took place. For sure gonna wait longer next time I do that.

That is just something there. Exactly what I thought when I pulled the cup away an lightly worked the soil away from the rock. Probably more like That's Fucking Cool right there.
Cause it is fucking cool.
I did have to support the lady after that. I also did replace the planting cup from earlier to place some peat moss around the newly exposed roots. That can be a lot of shock and they do have to stay moist, still a root system after all.
"There are no strings on me"
Yet, that is. She did lose her support wire though, on the second round of train and drain. You can see the layers in the obsidian, and the size of the roots at this point. Got pretty tough in 2.5 weeks. This pot, that I choose out of pure vanity requires that I tea feed. No room for the top dress style here, an also I'd like to point out that there is also no room for the Blumat.
I have put work into art before so these canna-bonsai are right up my alley. To which I ask...
Who hasn't stopped into the odd creamery now and again after a good toke of your homegrown?
Sexy Sundea 1.jpg
I'd love to stumble into a Sexy Sundae shop on my next little hike an toke.
I grow it and I smoke it as well. Helps to dream up and paint what a scooper might look like shaped like my favorite ass. It's a fun concept I have been playing with.

Enjoy your greens so you can have your dessert.

Knottydaddy, Tied off.


A true arts and crafts diy grow! Love how you use what you got. That’s a great habit to have.

When are these devices gonna advance enough we can smoke all these pictures?

We are working on it! Lol

Very cool Bonsai you have there. You got skills!

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Thank you very much I'm learning an trying my best not to mess it up. Thank you for stopping by.

Fun project, love those old clay jars.
Just like you, @knottydaddy, I enjoy growing. I mean really growing just about anything.
My roses have been a life long experiment, which I enjoy, as well other flowers. We grow all our own veggies, enough to last the entire year.
Bonsai, that's funny, when my hubby was still in high school, his mother,( my future mom-in-law) found a small plant he had growing in his bedroom window. She asked him "what are you growing"? He told her it was a bonsai tree. She was impressed.😁😂😍
It was weed of course, really crappy I might add. But years of research and trail and error, we've got DOWN !!
Have a happy day.

Morning @farm-mom, we have a small little ranch that I am working on piecing together and last year was our first year trying to grow the greens, trial an error of course. Thankfully we are getting longer days and its almost time to begin sowing, looking forward to my veggies this year for sure.

Even though I grow strickly for the end result, your artistry while growing may inspire me to try something different the next go around. I did get a little creative following this harvest a few years ago.

So cool, you should post your grow! Make sure to use the cannabis tag, so it also publishes to Weedcash

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Thanks for the info @canna-curate. I've been growing for many years now, but I have been a little apprehensive to put it out there. With all of the laws changing and many states including my old home state, New Jersey, legalizing recreational use, I figure this may be the time.
I'm not sure what I will do, but I'm leaning towards posting about my grow.

Thanks for stopping by.

Fantastic. Way better than mistletoe.
Croptober Wreath.

Mistletoe, better than mistletoe you think.👍

That's bad ass.. Thanks for showing how you did that..

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It worked out, I got lucky for sure, gonna wait longer before the transplant next time. Give the root structure a whole month or so to strengthen up.

Sure is nice to see your articles get attention. 👍🏿

:gas pedal:

Give our love to the fam.

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