A walk in Rotterdam and nugporn at the end 😁

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I was in Rotterdam today with my brother. And we took a long walk which was cool. Gave me the time to take some nice pictures of the city. We had eaten delicious sandwiches, I just didn't take any pictures of it.😋


jackie chan walked on that slanted building in a movie ⬆









This building in the center of the photo. Is the largest building in the Netherlands is difficult to see from here but it is so ⬆





After we were back with my brother, I continued home. after I got some more hash and weed. which I am now going to enjoy. The hash comes from rotterdam and is superpolm the weed from the place goes. the weed is pricey but damn tasty and every now and then you have to tickle yourself.


D5zH9SyxCKd9GJ4T6rkBdeqZw1coQAaQyCUzUF4FozBvW6wdubrjGT62CGNz1rprzGxutFngb6eWmDoyb587RHLpJmnBNWu1As6ZXKUtJvALEWHAJgeeKqPb28L32ZpXtx5VRQ - kopie (2).png

recon 17.50 euro for a gram insane prices and most weed on this network is better. taste good looks good price is bad lol
Super polm should be a nice common hash . I'm not going to smoke this until tonight but it smells nice. price is kinda oke

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Jackie Chan is the man!

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He's made so many great films :D

lol yes he is

Haha yeah I used to enjoy Jackie Chan movies. Drunken Master and so on. I remember one line, it was "you are all garbage, maybe next time we meet, we drink tea". Haven't seen him in years though, I kinda stopped watching most movies, especially new stuff.
The bud looks pretty dense, hopefully they don't use growth hormone to make it like that. Very bad for your health. I have trouble trusting shops, if I don't know how the weed was grown, I'm usually skeptical. And I would never EVER buy from a legal shop, not once. I've been high nonstop since "legalization" in 2018 here in Canada, all day and all night, every day! Not once have I had any cannabinoids other than from the black market. Only way to be safe, at least here.
Hard to believe you paid so much for a gram! And it looks machine-trimmed. Mass produced bud like that is under $3 per gram on the black market. You'd pay $15+ in a legal shop though.
I guess I am very very picky when it comes to cannabis LOL : D

that weed was doable. and I totally agree that those prices are insane. but I also want to try it. especially now that my own weed is almost ready. If I were to sell it I would ask 50 euros per gram. Purely because I just prefer to smoke myself

Totally know what you mean. The good stuff is basically priceless, especially to the one who grew it!

Traveling is great 👍

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I've never been to Europe but the area looks beautiful and calm. I hope to visit some day :D Cheers man!

Yes it is worth it. The Netherlands is quite flat, no mountains. And many cities against each other. So it can also be very busy here. But we have nice forests and nature reserves that are connected to each other. And beautiful beach.

I think I remember the building from the movie... ;)
hehe there're no people on the streets of Rotterdam...

nice & tasty looking smokes btw..

lots of people on the steets just not in my photos 💪thx

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