A peek in the tent 🙄

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Here I am again with a tent update. But first coffee with a joint. And I'm going to chill out at the hivefest later. I still find it crazy and uncomfortable. But feel free to come and take a selfie with me if you run into me.


This is the big mack and today I removed some leaves and bent the branches again. And I think she looks good. Maybe there's more to it than that, but I think it's okay.


image (2).png

D5zH9SyxCKd9GJ4T6rkBdeqZw1coQAaQyCUzUF4FozBvW6wdubrjGT62CGNz1rprzGxutFngb6eWmDoyb587RHLpJmnBNWu1As6ZXKUtJvALEWHAJgeeKqPb28L32ZpXtx5VRQ - kopie (2).png
I wish everyone a good weekend and see you next post



So what fertilizer are you using this time around?

this should be biological soil, otherwise I only give water, don't add anything else

Enjoy Hivefest man, I don't know too much about it. lol

It was good talkin with you a bit at Hive Fest. Hopefully we can do it in real life on day.

yeah that would be cool. thanks

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TOP SHELF strain that 1

super tasty but for 50 euros let's say dollars 3.5 half a gram is expensive. but yes, super taste full and strong

Hey man you should consider sharing your posts on Blurt too!
I'm active on there and Steem as well.

I had an account there on blurt but I stopped there too I don't do much with steem just hive

jealous af over that WC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!