nice close ups of my weed almost ready

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When I open the tent, the smells come to you. And I feel like cutting them and something in me tells me they're ready. But that's my impatience. And yes if I dry this it will be quite tasty. But I'm trying to wait another 2 weeks. The close ups also show buds that still have plenty of white hairs. I always find this to be the most exciting time of growing.

I'm going to keep this post short. But I can tell you I'm excited to taste this one. and until the next look in my tent




Looks great buddy, I would surely enjoy a toke of that despite not being much of a smoker. Really good weed is always nice to toke. I could share a little of my crop which is about to come down, the 200% Reclining Buddhas. Smell isn't intense, but very pleasant, and they're good n sticky. Peace.

💪 yes your buddhas are looking nice 2


It's not perfect. there is always room for improvement. But the best thing I've made so far.😁💪

Two more weeks? it's going to be a long time for me too. We will wait, though.

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Luckily I can get some weed in the meantime. so i'll keep waiting

Personally I always wait till there are quite a few amber trics. Nice close up pictures! I am going to curate you with @ecosaint

thanks bro