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Here I am again with a grow update. Let me dim the light a bit first. If you look too long in this light, you will see a green color after it. And that can last for a while, so either dim or wear sunglasses. LOL
So that's better. I think she looks pretty even though things aren't going well. The air here is too dry. And I'm about to put a pan with boiling water in the tent. Just an easy short solution. But I really need to look at such a device. but that's another story
I think I can now say that it is a female. By the hairs that can finally be seen.
It looks a bit yellow, but that image is slightly distorted by my lamp. Yes, I'm glad things are going well. And it gets even better every week. And I will share that with you
This time I also chose 1 plant instead of 4 or so. Because I wanted to see if it would yield about the same amount if it had the space. We're going to see if this turns into a monster. I hope so

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image (2).png

I wish you a nice day it's almost weekend so hang in there.
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Hopefully you can get your humidity levels under control so she can really take off. Keep up the great work.

Thanks,Your plants also looked very nice, how does the purple one taste?

Man, that one is amazing. The smell is so sweet and sugary and it is VERY strong.

Is the fan drying out your tent? Sometimes airflow can dry things. Or is it just really dry in your house?
I want to get a hygrometer. I don't know what my humidity is. When my plants are young I spray them with a misting bottle of distilled water.
Your plant looks better this time in my opinion, it's more level and symmetrical. I think you'll make good use of your space and end up with some nice nugs!

It is in the attic of the tent and there it is quite dry in terms of air. by the heating.

No need for boiling water, just put some regular water into an open container, the water will naturally evaporate, you can also hang a towel on the side and put the end of it into the container, it should improve the humidity at least a bit.
Any reason you don't buy feminized seeds?

I got these seeds from Jonyoudyer and I am very curious about them. But usually I also go for fems

Looking good brother!

tq my friend

Guess you gotta get a humidifier in there!

I am looking for a humidifier. But there is so much choice and most of them are with aromas and I don't want that

Here's a list of them you might get ideas from it:


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