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Hello dear friends!
Today my review is devoted to a broad medicinal plant that you already know. At the moment, its size is 1.40cm by 1.10cm.

The height of the medicinal plant is 30 cm, there are a lot of buds on the bush, I'm even afraid to try to make a brush. The plant is already 4.5 months old, and it is still in the vegetative stage. But this is not for long. A turning point is noticeable. When you are near a bush, you feel the pleasant smell of a plant, it resembles the taste of sweet lemon with mint, a very pleasant aroma. As for smoking, he has not yet matured, but when I bought it, he pleased me with its pleasant, long effect. A true taste of the smoke, not yet.

Video - a wide bush of a medicinal plant.

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Wide and lush and very healthy! Organic? Or do you give commercial fertilizers?

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Just good land and strong genetics. Thank you.