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It is not a secret that renewable energy is the best kind of energy. Oil and gas industries are destined to die in not so far future. Countries that are centred around selling oil (and having more than 50% of budget revenues from selling raw resources to other countries) like Saudi Arabia and Russia are going to suffer if they do not adapt to continuously changing economic environment. To be honest, I think that Russian Federation will certainly be able to transition from raw resources economy to modern one. I already see that there is a number of industries where Russian companies are leading. Especially when we touch the topic of IT industry.

Also, I would like to give you some information about the renewable energy in European Union. Did you know that share of renewable energy in the EU gross final energy consumption has risen to almost 17% in 2014 from about 7% in 2004? Sweden’s economy is powered with renewable energy on 54%. Latvia stands at 40%. Finland at 39%. Austria at 33%. This is the ever-changing environment we live in. Adopt or die.

This is why WePower project is so attractive in my eyes. I see that renewable energy financing and energy market are going to play even bigger role in coming years.


Let’s see what kind or problems are on renewable energy’s agenda right now.

Lengthy investment process is considered to be one of the most critical problems of renewable energy business. What current investment process is like right now?

• Project development
• Search for financing
• Debt provider DD
• Equity provider DD
• Investment structuring
• Project construction

WePower wants to change current investment process, making it much more convenient for all parties. How exactly is it changed? The investment process it shortened. This is how it looks with WePower

• Project development
• Debt provider DD
• Plant token sale
• Project construction

Also, currently there are two sides of problems in renewable energy industry. Investor and producer’s side. Investors experience lack of access to investments, complicated and expensive investment process, and limited transparency of investments. Producers experience lack of capital to develop projects, long and expensive capital acquisition from banks, and constant lack of funds. WePower is about to solve investors and producers’ problems.


Let’s now see what the main idea of this project is.

• WePower enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own tokens and investors/buyers to instantly purchase future energy generation

• Tokens represent energy they commit to produce and deliver at some point in time

• Energy tokenization will lead to more liquidity and opportunities for renewable energy producers. This way it will be much easier for them to get needed money for different investment/financing needs

• Project promises to deliver platform 9 months after TGE. Wepower is recognized by Elering, independent electricity and gas transmission system operator. Also, project has closely communicated with European and Estonian regulators. You can check the documents on WePower site

• WPR tokens are native currency of WePower ecosystem. I will explain the token functionality on the next slide


On the right part of Business model slide you can see the projection of the WePower. In 2018, they expect to create green energy with the value of over 66mln euros. By 2022 they expect to reach 7bln euros of generated energy on the platform.
Currently, renewable energy financing stands at $242 bln. Recently it experienced a fall due to the more strict rules imposed with credit lines.

WPR tokenholders will receive no less than 0,9% of tokenized energy on the platform. That’s going to be a lot of money for investors if WePower manages to reach the projected numbers.

WPR tokenholders can either use this energy or sell it on the market. Somehow, I think that the majority of tokenholders will sell…

WPR tokens will grow in value with the success of WePower business.


On the right part of the slide you can see all advantages of WePower platform.

  1. It is open market for everyone where you can purchase/sell green energy
  2. Anyone anywhere can invest into renewable energy producers
  3. There are no middlemen
  4. Users can trade tokenized electricity with each other freely
  5. Platform is fully transparent about production and accounting

WePower has great video on how to use the platform, I will show you it while I cover how easily you can become user of the project’s platform.

  1. You choose whether you are consumer or producer of green energy
  2. Choose area of living and energy consumption. There will be quite a lot of details you have to cover. Also, you will be shown projected consumption/production of energy
  3. Platform has dashboard with all the necessary information
  4. Can start buying renewable energy for usage/investment purposes from dashboard with the help of Metamask plugin
  5. Also, you can transfer tokenized energy to anyone you know


Crowdsale details

• ICO starts SOON. Hardcapped at $35mln
• 55% of tokens sold go to investors, 20% team, 10% future, 15% community growth
• 45% of funds will be allocated to development, other 55% includes expansion, integration, energy market
• Before reaching soft cap 1 ETH = 1 150, after 1 ETH = 1 000 WPR


• Renewable energy is our future
• Attractive token utility
• Agreements with regulators / energy operators

• Will companies / people use this platform?
• Isn’t $35 mln too much

WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_OW_EddXO5RWWFVQjJGZXpQT3c/view
SITE: https://wepower.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/WePowerNetwork


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