What If

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So I have been tossing and turning on my bed trying to get assignments done, with little success and a thought crossed my mind...

What If?

It is sometimes disturbing the fact that we were born into a world with so many rules.
Learn to sit, learn to stand, learn to work, enroll in school, study, come out with good grades, make something out of yourself, start a family and then die.

But then, what if you do not have to follow all these rules? I mean, think about it. What if we would never die? What if we do not have to work for anything in life? What if you do not have to eat healthy in order to stay healthy?
I mean, what if there's no such thing as education? What if we were all born with innate knowledge and we come into the earth as full grown human beings with no worries about where the next meal would come from?
What if you do not have to worry about your eyes especially since you have been staring at your phone screen more often than usual? What if you do not have to put on clothes? What if there was no need for self-improvement as everyone is perfect the way they were?
What if there was never a time you had to make serious decisions about life and all you had to do was live life as it comes?
What if no one cares if you check up on them or not? What if you were free to love and marry as many people as you want?

What if, things were not the way they were right now, would you live differently?

As for me

As for me, I would live differently. Throw caution to the wind and live like there was no tomorrow. I would not worry so much, hence would not have these furrowed eyebrows making me look older than my age!
But then, things are the way they are, so I go back to my worrying and my assignments... 😒😥😣😥


Interested! Thanks for sharing this stuf

Lol...see questions oo