The Bat in The Pan!! Retired in the philippines.

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Hi everyone!

It’s been a while. I hope everyone is ok with this little dip. Hang on! It’s all good.

We had a surprise visit the other night.
Our kitchen here in CDO Philippines has a crazy design. There is a door from the kitchen to the rest of the house downstairs and in the kitchen there is a stairway going up to a platform next to the roof. We keep many plants there and there is a bedroom up there as well.
It’s really nice but there is no door up there so the kitchen is exposed per-say to outside.

My girl @soulbella cooked dinner that night, we ate, and about an hour later she went back to the kitchen to clean dishes.
I was in the aircon’d bedroom watching tv when she opened the door and she had this scary look on her face.
What’s wrong? I asked.
There’s a bat in the pan!
There’s a bat in the pan!
Well, We have different first languages and cultures so I think, Well, just another language issue.
A baseball bat? What do you mean sweetheart? I think I just don’t understand you again. Hehehe
Can I see what you are talking about?
So I walked into the kitchen and low and behold......


HONEYYYYYYY!!! There’s a bat in the pan! There’s a bat in the pan! So off I went running out of the house. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


So after the visions of vampires and stuff subsided I went back home to check on @ soulbella. I went to the kitchen and poked at my new bat friend it a little with a stick and it turned its head and looked at me. UGLYYYYY! It’s more fun in the Philippines they say.
These huge cocaroaches and now a freeking bat in the pan.

I did calm down, Alma tolerates these things better than I do. We gently got him out of the pan and tried to clean him up with some mild dish soap. He was actually more exhausted trying to get out of the cold grease pit in the pan and didn’t look hurt.
We put him in a box afterwards and placed him on the roof ledge with the side of the box torn off. He eventually got up and flew off. We think. Hopefully an iring didn’t get a hold of him.




Actually we can use more bats here. There’s too many flies and mosquitoes here.

I hope you enjoyed!
Amping! Life is good!


I thought you were cooking some exotic dish when I saw your post in my feed. 😂 Good thing you were able to help the poor bat.

@soulbella maiiyak siguro ako pag ako nakakita. Takot ako sa bat 😂

Actually takot na takot talaga ako nung nakita kong may gumagalaw sa pan. Para di magpanic yung partner ko I just calm down. I cleaned it with water na may konting sabon para matanggal yung oil tapos nilagay namin sa open box. When I woke up the ff. day wala na yung Bat 🦇. Tiningnan ko sa paligid, wala talaga so we assumed nakalipad cya..hehehe

It was nice of you to clean it and set it free. 😊

After that happened I don't think I will ever try eating bad. He was ugly but I felt sorry for him when he turned his tired head around to look at me. hahhaha Cool experience. Thanks for reading.

Save the wings for me 😂

I'm not really afraid of bats. I guess because I grew up seeing them when we spent summer vacation at my nanay's place. There were so many bats that they would create these traps and there was one time when I tasted it when it was offered to me by my titos. It tasted like chicken. 😁

I am afraid of roaches though. Specially the flying ones. 😱

Ya. The roaches are really bad. Ooooh. Bats have a good reputation. They’re just ugly. Taste like chicken huh? I might give that a try some day. No Balut though. Hahahha.

bro what is he doing on your pan? but that bat was so lucky because i still free after that...

Great Job bro @ivantorres

Thanks. We could have made bat soup. He just flew right in. He’s lucky it wasn’t hot any more.

i don't know what it's taste if you try bat soup.. hahaha