#haturday Rocks

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That's right punk, I'm Lucky. I got the golden touch. I'm conceited as fuck. I like to have fun. I love my dogs. My princesses rule the roost. I protect the castle. I dont really like how peanut butter sticks to the roof of my mouth. Anyone actually read this? A little nonsense now and then.


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Ha! Yep. Lucky, and a few of those other things, too. ;) Nice hat.

Good seeing that smile over here :) Love this hat, one of my fav fishing hats😎 oh and thank you for reading 🤗

Way Lucky LOLL

I saw this in GINA and started reading and was like WHAT? LOLL

YOU do Rule! LOLL

Had to be done LOL 🤗

You can call the shots like Jell-o!😀