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RE: Let me introduce myself!

in #winterlast year

Hey Harmen!! Great to see you make your self introduction post thanks for doing it. I'm really in awe of your images, your second image one is just stupidly insane!!!!! But am loving it.

And apologies if I'm being a bit pedantic, as mentioned in my previous comment, if you can add your Hive link to one of your many social media accounts to confirm ownership, that would be great. Just tag me when you're done and I'll see to it that its updated in the databases that folks keep here. That will prevent other people from stealing your content and monetising it on Hive. Really appreciate you doing that. Thanks!!!

And once again, welcome to Hive, look forward to seeing you around, in either the haveyoubeenhere community, or one of the other many communities on Hive like photography, nature, or even cooking and needlework if that's to your liking 😆.


Thanks a lot for you replay! The story of that second image is even a bit more crazy. It is a panoramic image but I had forgotten my remote, so I had to use a ten second timer, run toward the edge, get on the rock and slow down before actually reaching the edge :-D :-D

If added my Peakd profile to I hope that that is ok!

Shot! That's even more crazy than the actual photo itself. 10 second isn't a long, especially when when you're running towards the cliff edge!!

Thanks for adding your profile to your IG account

Nope... not really :-D But it felt quite safe because the edge is solid rock and no snow!

You're welcome! I am sure I am going to enjoy using Hive a lot!