Where did I get my patience to do this lol

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This is my current work-in-progress which took me days by now. I want it to be a brush study at the same time lighting study. I was planning it to be a quickie, but I started to enjoy it and that's how the details went that far. XD

Hands and fingers are in my opinion the hardest to draw in the human body because it's so complex and one mistake would make it look awkward. If you have noticed in my previous works, I give more attention to hands most of the time than the rest of the body. They just can be so graceful even though it literally does nothing. lol

My least favorite to draw is probably the feet. I could have cool details on the hands but the feet look like shit haha. I don't know, when I see great masters' works, my eyes just go straight to the hands rather than the feet. I guess cos the feet can only have limited poses.


The one on the left is the stage where I just put the tonal values and see the overall picture, the one on the right is the one with refined details and highlights. I like highlights the most :D

And this is what @acidyo envisioned to what the figure is holding -_-


What about you, what do you think she's holding? :D


That's one weird controller for the VR event.

Hahahha good imagination lol

haha I bet that's what's always on his mind 😏

I inspired to your Art

A recorder and getting ready to play hot crossed buns! One a penny two a penny...

Lol you know what's funny... That song is always played in the house cos I have a toddler and a niece... I don't know the lyrics, but what I understood from the song is "1+1, 1+1, water belly tuna belly 1+1" hahah I was like WHUUUUT?????