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Hello, this is abit.

I have started operating witness nodes for BitShares since the launch of BitShares 2.0 testnet, and operating seed node later (become public after the first revival of the network). As of this writing, my BitShares witness "in.abit" has the lowest block missing rate among all long-running witnesses, far below average (check this BitShares web client, click Explore -> witnesses if see a login page. Or check this BitShares Blockchain Explorer).

I'm now ready for operating witness nodes for STEEM network with the id "abit". I've setup nodes in the places with low network latency, high availability and high scalability, wish they will serve STEEM network well.

In addition I've setup a seed node for STEEM: (IP at AWS Sydney, Australia.

I'll appreciate if you vote for me. With CLI:
vote_for_witness <your_account_name> abit true true


By the way, as a developer, my github page is here, most of my activities are related to Graphene/Bitshares so far, perhaps will have more for STEEM in the future.

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谢谢。我目前主要活跃在 BTS 技术相关微信群,很久没上 steemit 了,账号主要由 oflyhigh 管理,你可以联系他加群。