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RE: Summer update: Kinoko Kombucha promoting Hive on it's label, HF24, HiveWallet and analog hobbies. And then some.

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That made me wonder. When HiveFest? Will it be HiveFest #1? (Ten previous SF1-4 was .. Spin-oFfs?)
Same place? Summer? 2021? 2022? Masks or Hugs?

btw, Sonoff + Tasmota is a really nice combo (btw, Sonoff RF Bridge can let you extend your kingdom to the 433MHz realm)


Yea, hivefest, would be nice to have somw hive big meetup to see everyone

I made another post about this topic. Check my blog!

HiveFest.... hmmm what is that? :)

Ah... 433mhz i need to check it.

I flashed Tasmota on our Vaporware wall socket switches so they became LAN-only instead of phoning/tunneling to some random server out of my control. The on-device software by Tasmota is really versatile, easy to program with DST, timers, and the MQTT and is convenient too.

This all, combined with an opensource HomeKit on an Raspberry makes for a fun domotica setup.