Buy HIVE with Credit Cards!?!

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So, a while back @yabapmatt and I went to NFT.NYC. It's one of the last public facing events that happened in blockchain where you could meet in person prior to covid. While there we met the dudes from MoonPay. is a website that allows you to convert from fiat into crypto - including via credit and debit cards.

MoonPay is handy because they already worked out a lot of the legalities for crypto/fiat. The upside is that it works in lots of places, but the downside is that despite them being able to trade some tokens in the USA they can't trade HIVE there yet.

So, what's happening now? @yabapmatt and I have been working with the guys from MoonPay for the past couple of months to get HIVE added to their service, and now you can buy HIVE directly with fiat, including with Credit Cards, in 60 different countries!

Use this link to try it out!

You can go there and use your KYCed MoonPay account to buy HIVE with a credit card.

We'll be updating Keychain shortly so that you'll see a button that let's you quickly purchase HIVE. Also, any other Hive websites or tools can add a button that goes to that link to let their users buy HIVE with a credit card too!

Simultaneously we're still trying to get HIVE listed in the US. If it gets supported there, then we'll be offering US customers a way to purchase HIVE with a credit card as well.

The current plan is to not take any merchant fee for transactions beyond what MoonPay charges. It's a service project as a witness. We're not not intending to profit here. Now, for the first time ever you can directly buy HIVE with a credit card!

If you think Splinterlands, Hive Engine, PALnet/MSPwaves, Hive Keychain, and now the ability to directly purchase HIVE with a credit card in 60 countries are valuable contributions to the platform (or even just some of them), please consider voting for @yabapmatt, @aggroed, and @stoodkev for witness.

Good Times and Hive On!

For general questions visit



Private efforts will lead to public greatness.

This will come in handy.

The link shows the list of countries:

Friggin' Awesome! What you guys are doing is paving the way for the mass adoption we're all seeking. I just linked a new recruit that I onboarded with hiveonboard with Hive Keychain because they don't really understand their keys. I explained once their keys were loaded up they are good to go (and of course not to lose the originals). I appreciate you guys very much and will make sure I'm voting for all of you as witnesses.

Haha mass adoption in an abusive network. What have you smoked? You know criminals run this network? And it's 100% centralized, with proven track record of abusing people? Yeah it has no future. DPOS has Failed

Everyone just needs to down-vote this troll until he's hidden. Don't feed him by interacting -- just make him disappear.

(although the Smeagol comment was great -- and so true)

you look like smeagol

...with a crack habit.

Downvoted for trolling and defamation. Unless you have detailed legal advice to back you up, calling someone a criminal is defamatory and illegal, even in the US.

"calling someone a criminal is .. illegal"

So, wait...... are you calling him a criminal, then?
And did I just incriminate myself, too?


11 downvotes on your comment and it's still visible. Your arguments are flawed.

If you disagree with Hive, feel free to post your criticism, but don't bitch about downvotes from ppl who disagree with you. If you can't stand the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen. 😉

Your statements go against everything you all have been fighting for and that's decentralization. Which means everyone has their own opinion and weight in the system. Just more reasons why crypto and DPOS will never be successful.

11 downvotes on your comment and it's still visible.

If you disagree with Hive, feel free to post your criticism, but don't bitch about downvotes from ppl who disagree with you

Hmmm... if you don't like it here... then why are you HERE? If I needed advice I certainly wouldn't take it from someone who is a living, walking contradiction. Trolling around the internet in an attempt to defame a platform just because you need attention. This is the extent of the attention you'll receive from me. I hope you find something better to do with your time!

Jesus man. Wash your hair.

Also, @transisto has never abused me. It's Bernie that abuses me. It's ok though, because I like the abuse. Any attention is good attention, right?

We're gonna have coffee someday.

Damn that's some pretty awesome news, the credit card surcharge may seem high to some but that's the going rate for this type of stuff. Small businesses have to take hits that the bigger ones just absorb with sheer volume. Fantastic update!

Heh yeah.... a 4.5% fee to get your funds out of the fiat world.

Better than being blocked to do it. Without a VPN in the US, you are restricted from using most of the big exchanges like Binance and others.

Wow. This is great news for Hive. Thanks for doing this.

Good job, @aggroed and @yabapmatt. That should bring this falling line up:


Yep. The latest price trend doesn't look great for Hive.

It will never look great, this network is doomed to failure the moment it started, since it has a massive abusive history

Quit sugar coating DPoS. Or KYC.

We're only doomed if we succumb.

Eh don’t pay much attention to the price action of hive. There’s still a lot of power down to happen for accounts. We won’t see normalized prices until most likely August or September. At that point, I think we will find out the price point the market will tolerate for hive.

Hive is going to $0.001, you know abusers are whales in this network? It's the same abusers we had on Steem for 4 years, it's not something you want to invest in. If your smart. Spend $1,000 on and stake it for 5555 days. Get rich

How dare you criticize our benevolent overlords?

Who died and left you free?

Also, WTF is 'hexdex'. Sounds like some Wiccan shit. You should listen to Pinetop Perkins and not mumble rap, IMHO. He would set you up with an ez plan.

Also, WTF is 'hexdex'.

It’s a Ponzi scheme with a twist – it is labeled “blockchain!” :)))

Better invest in a PonziCoin directly It has so much potential…


Good job guys! Thanks!

Anything to make it easier to buy Hive has to be good. There will always be costs involved, but those seem reasonable. I keep hoping Wirex will support Hive, but it may be too small a market for now.

Wirex is centralized KYC shit service that turns people off that they don't like, they disable people's cards,

You support Hive which means you support criminal activity

Hive has no Future. HEX + DTC + LBC has a future

Good news! I think it will be helpful to a lot of people on hive!

Banks over here don't usually allow their cards to be used on crypto sites but I will be giving it a try and report back in a week. The transaction might just slip through the blacklist drag net.

One can only hope they haven’t caught onto this one yet!

For sure that is one big step for making easy to enter the game and enroll players all over the world. Congrats for this!

Great job, guys!

Interesting, but still too expensive compared with the way I do over (0% fee buy with credit card) and then move from there to exchange and then HIVE...

But yes we need more exposure.

Well done to you for making more persons believe in Hive. Well done to you.

oh good adia I have payoneer card

Nice work!

What are the countries accepted? Is the UK accepted? Lebanon?

How about buying credit cards with Hive?

I don't have a credit card, so this really doesn't work for me. :-/

Good work getting seeing this through

Right, or paying credit card bills/utility bills with HIVE?

Still, can't help but call this a win.

moomin pay

Pretty freaking cool

Great to know about it, it is just a start we might see another way round too in the coming months, spending through credit cards, etc.

It will be a good service for many users. Thanks for sharing. All the best!

yeah, bring more access, bring more people!

I tried purchasing. It just displayed 'hive' at the last page when I clicked 'Buy now'. Is that expected? My purchase didn't push through I guess.


Good news and good job! Thanks a lot


You are so generous and lovely @aggroed as a witness here in HIVE and a wonderful person to help people! May God bless you and your family... Take care always and your health!

this will include more security transaction using the hive blockchain.

this is awesome. upvote

It's really nice possibility.
Thank you for this !

Great news! Thanks for your work!
We vote for @yabapmatt, @aggroed, and @stoodkev with all the proxy power from @infa and other Team Ukraine accounts!
You're awesome!

So I guess this means we are one step closer to making entry into Splinterlands easier for the mainstream!

Keep the upgrades to Hive coming Witnesses!

This could definitely help on board some new fiat currency into the #hiveosphere

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I wouldn't be so happy about Moonpay. Recently they went into partnership with IOTA providing similar services. Integration of Moonpay into Trinity Wallet ended with a serious hackers attack and exposing vulnerabilities of Moonpay. I hope that they've fixed their code and it is safe again.

Love these success stories.

Thanks for digging in and all the work you did to bring us HIVE.

This is awesome, great job!

Okay :-) Thanks for information ;)

If that was doable in the United States. I would love it. But the USD currency regulators probably won't go for that. They don't seem to be to thrilled with us peasants converting our US Dollar that they trashed into well.... Anything else..
They prefer to keep us holding the Once coveted now Garbage dollar.😣