Justifying my witness votes to @rishi556

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@rishi556 invited me to do it so here it is.

My witness votes & why:

In order of rank.

  • @ausbitbank - Full Node Operator
  • @themarkymark - Blacklist API, StemGeeks and seemingly good guy (probably shouldn't say that out loud as I know that's a controversial opinion)
  • @steempeak by @peakd - Best Interface
  • @therealwolf - Useful tools that I've used in the past p.s. still waiting on NFTMart listing on HiveDapps (yes I submitted an application)
  • @someguy123 - Hive Docker, Cool Guy, Serbers.
  • @stoodkev - Keychain is nice and listened to my suggestions
  • @ocd-witness by @acidyo - Curation and support with my Programming Community
  • @emreybeler - Code stuff, dPoll and TIL A Full Node Operator 🎉
  • @mahdiyari - Hive Autovoting Software
  • @leofinance - Awesome project on HIVE
  • @deathwing - Friend & Fast Full Node Operator
  • @klye - All-purpose degenerate at the snap of your fingers, creator of Hive-Roller (wooo, gambling) chill af
  • @roomservice - Hive Onboard rocks!
  • @c0ff33a - British Full Node operator #supportlocal also tried to make me eat at a place rated for samonella poisoning 10/10
  • @fbslo - Wrapped Hive
  • @gerber - Friend & dCity Guy
  • @nathanmars - Awesome hive promoter, very vocal on twitter.
  • @hextech by @rishi556, @foxon, @edicted and @sn0n - Idk why I vote them like idk doesn't exceed my max budget 75¥. jkjk group of friends, combined make a kick-ass team 7¥/7¥ top folks. Average brain speed like 7km/every time I can find a proper job in todays economy
  • @cadawg - Gotta get that self vote baby
  • @reazuliqbal - Cool dev, makes nice stuff.
  • @techcoderx - Runs a Full Node. Respect.
  • @apshamilton - Lawyer, took an interesting approach to hosting his node, interesting idea.
  • @whiterosecoffee - @c0ff33a's business' node.


This challenge was started my Rishi556 Here


@deathwing, I'd like to see your witness vote reasoning.


This is a cool initiative tho, will reblog and check future posts about this!

As is tradition when one writes these into a post.


You want a nomination? Fine... I also nominate @acidho

I'm surprised @edicted didn't take that one

@edicted I nominate you. Go do it.

I did, now.

oh you do vote us, okay okay, not gonna mute you and downvote you on my secret alt

With cad you don't need to use the secret one, just do it publicly. We all do.


Don't get like that, I can still remove the vote if needs be.

if u do i will tell everyone u suck

This is cool, most of the time I don’t know much about why I vote for the witnesses lol. I’ll have to sit down and write and think about it!

Subscribing to your community for coding, thanks! Real noob coder here, just finished learning Python!

Yeah I know, I changed up a few votes while writing this. Thanks for joining the community, hope it helps you. Great to see more people getting into Python and that's a great language to start with.


How is that even possible? 😜

It was taken before I reshuffled my witness votes after considering it lol

Some pretty meh choices.


I'll take that as a compliment.

696,969 MVests converts to 364.5 million Hive Power, which does not exist 😂😂😂

This shows the importance of running your own node and "Don't trust, verify". One could never know a Hive API can return these kind of results for condenser_api.get_witnesses_by_vote.

Yup, but funny number like 69 and 420 good. That was just some satirical self-promo.

I wonder if I can actually recall why I chose to vote each of the witnesses I do. Some I'm very aware of, but others I heard good things about at the time, but now can't remember what they were.

I realised that was a case with a few of the witnesses I voted, and now I don't vote for them after writing this post.

You know you want a Tastie tattie - and I bet they still do takeout even during lockdown. Have you got any snow up in Aberdeen yet? Been out sledging or making a snow man with a enourmous gentleman sausage?

Thank you for the continued support, always very much appreciated.

Not had enough snow unfortunately and no I haven't eaten there... I'm not even sure they're still in business. Not a problem, thanks for being a useful witness! =D