Flashback to old times

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It went totally past me that 3 days ago it was my 4th blockchain birthday. 🍰

And this night I moved from being a backup witness back into the consensus group. Thank you very much to everyone giving me their trust!

This, and a comment on the Hive Discord today, made me think about how similar the feeling here is now compared to back then. It has been a little less than 2 years that I announced to scale back my activities for Steem, as no more hope was left that Steemit would operate in a way that moves the project forward, and I wasn't one of those who adapted to this culture. But there was a time when this hope still existed.

When the blockchain was launched, nobody really knew how social media on the blockchain would look like. Because the mining was not trivial on a technical level (as running a node isn't something for everyone these days either), the initial group of users had a pretty good understanding of blockchains in general, the steem whitepaper in specific, and the resulting limitations and necessities that come with this. There were ongoing discussions over a lot of the mechanics, and the general feeling of building something completely new brought together people from very different backgrounds.

Some gave up earlier, others later than me or never. But as the situation was with Steemit, there was never a chance for the full potential of all the interested people involved to come to light.
In my view, we are now back at a point we have been at before. The majority stakeholder saw his creation as a crypto MLM scheme, and the community followed. The fork moved the chain forward, but our society got reset. It's about building again, exploring the technical possibilities, and creating real use cases for real people. The current userbase has a better understanding of the reward mechanisms and DPoS than ever since the public launch of the reward pool.
And I am incredibly happy to see a significant part of users from all over the years returning and picking up again where they left.

And so am I. As I announced earlier, I will soon provide a public api node which is already in the process of being set up, and also spend more time on different projects and supporting the community again. I think that people are the most productive when they believe in what they do. I know it's the case for me, and I'm just getting started. We have a lot to catch up on!


Happy birthday and happy consensusing mate. Hope you are well and all of this is going to be fun for you :)

thanks for your hard work!

Congrats and great to see you are inspired and with new energy :)

Looking forward for the things that will come!

Happy birthday!

You were among the first witnesses I ever voted for after joining steem in '16. And like you started scaling down my activities on-chain around 2 years ago. Was in touch though, just curating since, as I always liked the concept of it all and hoped to see it succeed. Till JS stepped in and you know the story.

And yes, after hive, its been like old times all over again. Its feels good to catch up on here and on discord. Hope this one actually reconciles the 'money' aspect of a chain, and concentrates on the features which could make a difference
to our way of life. Which it can!

Cheers! May the next 4 years be on Hive and a rocking good time at that.

Happy blockchain day for a few days ago. Also, this line grabbed me...

I think that people are the most productive when they believe in what they do.

You're one hundred percent right in this. Nicely said, and thanks for your work previously, now and in the future.

Well congrats on your B-day. And your Attitude is really great about pursuing stuff here on Hive ;)

My @pharesim, I'm glad to see you again! We've never actually met but you've been a great help when I started and you supported the italian community on steem. So I would be happy to return the favor!😉

How about you take this as an opportunity to start encouraging manual curation ?
We could bring the randomness of those good old days back as well, when rewards were unpredictable and the whales acted almost like real people would.

I always encourage manual curation, I even empower a whole group of curators - same as I did years ago

Nah. You employ a committee, instead.

Nah, I'm one of the curators, and there is not any committee. In fact, we have total freedom to curate what we consider. And the curation system is put in code, to avoid any kind of abuse. Like vote your buddies everyday and more things. I think you don't know about what you are talking, @felixx... we are not a committee, we curate.

@pharesim got minions now, who not only curate, but answer for him as well.

You are wrong, I speak on my behalf as it seems I'm part of a committee that doesn't exist.

Alles gute zum Geburtstag 🎂🎁🎊🎈🎉

Happy Hiveday and good to see you up there again.

I love hearing drive and enthusiasm in your communication! It's awesome to celebrate with you ❤☀️🤠


maybe you can me help. I powered up today 2250 hive. But i cant delegate it?

Is this new? I know there some changes, but no idea this effect the delegation?

Looks like it worked now

Happy blockchain birthday !

Happy B(lockchain)-Day :)

I am slow to read and respond. That shouldn’t surprise you anymore. But thanks for the post.

I like to think you resurrected me after the EIP in steem late last year and I am thankful for that.

I think we have a positive thing going on for Curangel and I have new hope. I like that you will be more active. Public node is a welcoming idea as I know there aren’t many out there. I like that you are in the top 20 again. You are our voice.

Congrats on being back in the top! I am trying to get more involved and know my witnesses a bit better, buying as much hive as I can and finally starting to really promote. I feel a lot of new enthusiasm, I hope everyone else can feel it too.

BTW I just made a contest for people to share their favorite users who left the community who they would like to see come back now that we are in a new incarnation. Would love to see some users as "old" as yourself share their favorites :-D

A bit late here...

Happy 4 years (and 4th day of 4 years) birthday! :)