A Little About My Witness Votes

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I think that it's important that we justify every single witness vote that we make. If you are voting for someone you should have a reason for doing so. I can comfortably say I am willing to backup my witness votes and here's how I am.

@gtg - Is knowledgable about the chain and can understands the inner workings of it.

@good-karma - Created Esceny, an alternate UI as well as maintaining hivesigner which is used by a lot of people.

@steempeak (@peakd) - Created the best interface for Hive blogging and are actively updating it.

@arcange - Created and managed hive-sql as well as hive.buzz

@emrebeyler - Created and manages anonramblings as well as running a fullnode

@ocd-witness (@acidyo) - Manual curation of posts though ocd

@leofinance - One of the most used apps on the chain which is actively brining in new users

@deathwing - Runs one of the most stables fullnodes, and helps me out a ton when I've got server management related questions, is also a cool guy

@engrave - Has the engrave(dblog) blogging platform as well as managing hiveprojects

@klye - Hive-Roller is a cool gambling site on hive who's leader isn't nameless and has helped me fix my PC

@roomservice - Created Hiveonboard, is there any more that I have to say about it? One of the easiest way to onboard new users

@c0ff33a - Runs a fullnode and is just a cool engaging guy who you want to talk to. Plus white rose coffee which I would love to try but he can't ship to the US except at high prices

@gerber - Helps users on discord and created dcity

@fbslo - Creator of the hive to whive(and engine tokens) oracle

@qurator - Curation project that I support plus new game coming to hive from the team

@hextech - Best witness around, no questions asked, I'm a part of it. But its a group effort between me sn0n and edicted all of who are skilled in different areas working on multiple things. I have created giftgiver, and part of nftmart.

@cadawg - Creator of some small helpful hive tools like https://vote.hive.uno and https://engine.hive.uno as well as being a part of nftmart.

I try and manage my witness votes pretty actively and pay attention to whats going on. I do set some objective requirements for those I vote and no matter who they are, if they fail I will remove the support for them. There's some witnesses I'd love to support but they sadly fail them. Its not super hard to do, includes having an up to date pricefeed(hivefeed-js is awesome), not voting for a certain few witnesses, and not missing blocks recently. If you feel confident on my ability to vote for witnesses, consider proxying to me(be warned that your vote for proposal will drop to 0 and the vote will happen through me on proposals I support). Its easy enough to do over on my profile page on PeakD, just select actions and set as proxy. Its also possible on the hive.vote witness voting page near the bottom.

As we ring in the new year, be sure to review your witness votes and to keep them up to date.


Surprised blocktrades isn't in there with them being such a major dev team doing tons of work. Your list looks a lot like mine, I'm going to try do this and put a reason behind every vote.

Blocktrades is voting for one of the nono witnesses.

eww.. hes voting for netuoso, god no please. D:

Yup, its why blocktrades doesn't have a vote from me.

Turns out quite a few I had voted for voted for netuoso. Ugh.. There are a few witnesses I don't 'like' but the other 2 are more a.. disagreement in views rather than a down right just NO. Still I've got 13 vote free now so need to find more worthy people to vote in.

Thank you for the Witness vote, I’m now technically running two full nodes with two Hiveminds and Two Account History nodes - I’m splitting calls between them with Jussi as it’s making my response times much faster.

can I use them for my game bot API calls?
If so what is there url?

You can use https://api.c0ff33a.uk and https://api.c0ff33a.uk also https://hivemind.c0ff33a.uk/ gives direct access to one of the Hivemind

awesome thank you

It's relatively easy to set up your own node to run RPC calls against for your own game. Highly suggested if you're using the blockchain for apps you're running is to run your own private RPC node to read and write to the blockchain for you. :)

I agree, but to be honest have just been lazy about it.
I will move it up my list after your peer pressure :)

It's a good idea just from a security perspective. :)

If you're handling deposits or purchases trusting a 3rd party API is sketchy at best.

If you don't need anything from hivemind, then it doesn't take too much to set one up.

sounds good.
just need to find docs
do you have a link?

Thanks for the honourable mentions! <3

I disregarded your words and remounted my AIO with the tubes at the bottom cuz Jay told me to.

I think that was my initial recommendation as well to have pipes in at the bottom if possible. That is how mine is set up anyways!

You told me on the top and after I sent a picture you said thats good. I blame you. But it looks a lot better with it on the bottom(might wanna bend it a bit more so its not blocking the ram).

Whoops, I somehow read it wrong. My bad. Thanks for your help on getting it up and running though.

Might be a crazy north dweller, might have good ideas. :D

Very nice!
I think this topic needs more attention
have some !wine

Not too many people look at their witness votes, and promoting people to go take a look is important, especially with all the the things going on.

Nice. I think I will also have to review my witness votes. Witness vote is one place where we can share our opinion and views about people running nodes and contributing to this platform. It's been a while since I reviewed it. I will do it soon.

I was also wondering why Blocktrades was not part of this list and read the comments section to understand it.

Yea, I really hope that @blocktrades takes a look at his votes so I can vote for him again. Not just him, but a bunch of other witnesses too, the only reason I'm not voting for them is one of their witness votes.

Thank you for your unfailing support @rishi556, much appreciated! 👍