Ambrosia maple is it?

in #woodworking4 months ago

My brother a while ago got his hands on some rare specimens. We've been waiting to use them mostly because it always seems like we could regret running out of these unusual materials, but this week we went for it.

This guitar model we call Doug. Why? Well, because when I designed it, many years ago, I did so specifically for a friend who had bought three guitars from me over the years. Over some cuban coffee, he simply told me: I want you to build me a new guitar, but something that doesn't exist, I don't want a copy.

I sat on my computer for hours trying to be happy with what I was drawing and I came up with this shape. It's my stratocaster answer, so to speak. There is something familiar about it, and it works great with pickguards, fixed bridges or tremolos (This one is fixed bridge).

The wood we are using here is very light, which is awesome in many ways, but I wonder how it's going to affect the overall sound and sustain of the instrument. We won't know until we finish it, and truthfully there's a ton left to do, but I'm pretty happy about it so far.