I need an adaptor for my adaptor's adaptor

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I wanted to share this contraption on here for just a minute. You see, there's a good excuse for the madness, but it's hilarious nonetheless.

the contraption

Poor planning but...

As per usual, after the fact, after the build seems to be getting to the final stretch, I can think of multiple ways I could have made my life easier. And, as long as I take some lessons from the experience, it's a win in my book.

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Le' Pocket Holes

Trying to reach some places, the angle... well... I wasn't truly ready for the problems I caused myself. Regardless, the kid's closet mcthingymcbobber is coming along great Imo.

The whole plan here was to recycle pallets and some 2x4 from a crate we found. Hence the "character" of the project, but then again, I always tend to add "character" to my furniture making. HA!



I am currently attaching a phone to binoculars to a tripod made for a camera. The adapter to an adapter adapter makes perfect sense to me.

you are a member of my tribe after all hahahah