So this is how it ends?

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I guess the biggest thing to overcome for me, as I get old that is, is the urge I have to avoid changing my ways. I feel like the old ways are always best, and people will eventually realize this, but I know deep inside I'm lying to myself.

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With this in mind, I'm learning some new tricks. I found this youtuber that recommends working on little projects, little things to sell as the big items are being built in parallel. It makes a lot of sense to me, and as consumer I can see myself agreeing with the youtuber, but as a guitar maker, it angers me a bit.

Oh well.. I'm not going to listen to myself for a change and start making some trinkets and such. If I can get some cashflow I know I'll get over the "being wrong" thing really quick.

Kitty glass coasters, why da hell not?



Ha, nice! You may be surprised, sometimes small stuff like that does way better in terms of margins and volume. Knew a guy who made custom metal furniture, and also made cheap little metal cross wall hangings and those sold like crazy while he was waiting for the furniture to move.

So what's a set of those go for?

Idk, but I would feel comfortable letting something like this go for $15... My wife (who is a badass artist) started to show me some of her ideas yesterday. Well, she of course, puts me to shame, but the sky is the limit to what kind of little designs we can make.

I can see those being popular. People just love cats. Have you looked at selling on Etsy or something similar?


no such thing as etsy down here, but fb marketplace might just work

I wish I had some skills so I could create something with my hands to earn some income.


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