What a branch of willow can be...

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Hey Folks, as i mentioned in a way earlier post, i started carving as workout for my arm. Solely using a knife... Ok, on this one i used a drill too and file too ;) It's a bokuto (wooden practice Katana sword) a friend of mine will receive for birthday.

As you can guess by the Title, it's made of a willow's branch.

This is the raw material i started from

I always try to find a branch that has the basic form, in this case a slight curvature

Then it's time to give it the basic shape

...and refining it

Like the tip of the blade

...and a bit of tapering for the handle

After the surface is sanded it's time to start wrapping the handle
As you can see, i have shaped an end cap for the handle this time, drilled and a filed a slot for the wrap to be passed through.

And voila the bokuto is ready :)

Besides the fact that carving is quite fun to me, it's also a good workout to strengthen the arm, and wrapping the handle increases finger strength too :D

Have fun, and carpe diem my lovely ones!


Nice work. I have one of those I used to use for Aikido. I know some people are here are into knives, so you should show your tools too.

Thanks @steevc, indeed you're right, i didn't think about that. But basically it's a simple knife (A Herbertz whatever - you made me walking out to the garden shed right now ;) and some sand paper. For the hole in the end cap i used a 4mm wood drill with power tool, and two needle files (round and half round)

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Thanks for the update @hivebuzz! have a great wednesday

You're welcome @acguitar1, You too have a nice rest of the week!

nice handmaide boken :)

Thanks big time @kobusu! I guess by your name that you're a into japanese swords, or is it just coincidence (kobuse)?

Didn't know that variations, japanese is a difficult language ;)stay safe!