LET'S VISUALISE FREEDOM - A constructive opposition to psyops

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Wow. Read this document entitled:
The SPARS Pandemic 2025–2028: A Futuristic Scenario to Facilitate Medical Countermeasure Communication.
Sounds OK to you? I can assure you it is NOT OK.


This describes how the predator class is using OUR powers of imagination & therefore MANIFESTATION deliberately to hijack our psychic abilities & our intellectual reasoning IN ADVANCE so that they can monitor & prepare to control the opposition.
This has been going on since Nimrod & his quest to rule the world & is delivered to an unsuspecting public by modern media at breakneck speed - around the world in 60 seconds?

They demonstrate clearly how:
They give us a "storyline" & then sit back & watch us manifest it.
Maybe it is now time to set our own mind worm into action?

Visualising their demise & our subsequent freedom has become a daily indulgence for me.
Let's learn how to use that power to REVERSE & COUNTERACT even CORRUPT their ugly destructive dreamscape & replace it with our own, a much brighter & positive outcome that may be beyond their limited imaginations but is well within the capabilities of humanity.

Listen to this:
"SACRAL CHAKRA HEALING with Hang Drum Music | Feel Alive and Create the life you Desire"

love & a happy christmas to us all
as ever


It's Xmas here today so I'm having a break, but tomorrow I'll check this out...the use of imagination, triggered by fudporn, is a key part of the psyop I'm starting to think!

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