Sedona A Jewel In The Desert Reaches 90 Thousand Views :)

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Yay. :D It looks like the short film me and my father created about Sedona just reached 90 thousand views. :)

For a while I've believed that one of the big challenges humanity faces is losing it's connection with nature.

I've told this story before, but I remember one time many years ago when me and my father were stocking our photography in a gallery, and...

A woman in a wheelchair came up to us and asked if we were the photographers who took those pictures on the wall and then when we told her that we were the photographers she started crying and thanking us profusely for the work we do.

I think it was because nature meant so much to her and she wasn't able to get out and see it anymore like she used to...

That was extremely humbling and it was then that I realized just how profound and powerful nature photography can be.
For some, it's literally like medicine... Perhaps for all of us it's like medicine and many just never really realize it?

I've heard other things over the years which make me feel similar, that wasn't the only case. I may not hear things like that super often, but I've heard them enough times to realize that my artwork is more meaningful than I used to think it was.

So many of us are sort of trapped in big artificial polluted cities and we live in our box houses and get in our box cars and and drive to our box workplaces and don't get out into nature enough...

In certain ways I think nature is our TRUE home... And if "home is where the heart is" and so many people are disconnected and detached from their home in the form of nature... Then I think that explains some amount of the sadness and depression in the world and for people who feel out of balance or like things just aren't quite right they might be well served by getting out into nature more often.

I know in my personal case when I'm feeling down or upset that going out into nature almost always makes me feel better. I feel more free and less "boxed in" so to speak and "free" is essentially another word for love... So.. Yeah.. Anyways...

I hope some day we can collectively learn to treat nature with more love and respect and live more harmoniously with it. <3

I will post a link below if anyone wants to watch.


Hello @apolymask, I saw parts of the documentary, I was impressed to see the color of the sky, red, then the lightning, I was also moved to see the birds, everything is very well documented, I am happy for you and your father

Hey lupega! Glad to hear you checked out parts of the documentary and that you were impressed with some of it, and yes I agree nature sure is impressive sometimes! Especially here in Sedona, this is such a beautiful place. Thank for the nice feedback and words at the end there! :) <3