The paradigm shift that steemit forces on internet users| an update on witnesswatch report!

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Sorry in advance if you're scared by the image, i get that not everyone can stomach such things, but it seems to be the only, or rather , one of the few pictures that can describe what I've had by being on steemit.

A paradigm shift

To understand is to grasp, to contemplate, to ponder, i have, for the past 2 months since joining steemit, been orientated in a new direction, a new way of thinking so to speak.

for those who know not what it means

A great quote that i put to memory goes thus

"be who you are, and say what you feel, because those that mind dont matter, and those that matter dont mind"

I have forgotten who actually said that, if you could remind me, that would be great.

I came into steemit as a child, a man yes, but a child non the less, untrained in civil discuss between internet users, but trained in the war-like associations common with other social medias.

Fortunately, maturity and growth is not exclusive to some only, and i have been growing, learning from others, learning to interact with people as people and not as opponents in a match between troll and fact-warrior.

the eye opener

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I have experienced what others here experience, and what others still are yet to.


communication with other individuals

finding your niche

All these amount to being a productive member of the steemit society.
The absolute worst thing you can do as a steemian is to be a troll, people have tried it before, both whales and minnows. it did not go well

I have no inate qualification to speak, but help yourself out on steemit by not spamming, scamming or otherwise being a jerk, troll or bully.

steemit can be fun, boring, hellish, whatever you wish, it is left for you to mould what you want.

In the above regard, steemit is like real life,

it is real life on a blockchain?

where we choose the path to follow, either by contributing and make some cash along the way, or not.
It has also helped out in real life, for the first time in a while, im picking up again, starting to put things in order,

Becoming relaxed and happy, getting better equipments in order to fully launch my programs on steemit.
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challenges will come

Just like the biblical scripture says, challenges will rise, but it is left for us to handle with carez the struggles that we face.

###do not feed the trolls!
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Feeding the negative emotions drawn from continuous fights and rallies will only lead you down a spiral of internet rage and destruction.

Greetings and salutations steemians, from your friendly-yet-not-too-friendly neighbour, davidthelad

witnesswatch report

So an update to the witness watch report program, on thursday night (WAT) we are likely to go on with @reggaemuffins interview.

Major changes are going to be coming on into the program,

for one, non-witnesses aka the normal steemian gets to throw in their word on who they feel is a witness worth voting for, how the witness has impacted them, and how they see things changing on the witness board.

We will also begin a review on witnesses apart from the interviews we hold, and i may get one other person to assist on the program.

i hope to expand this to a way in which witnesses , and eventually mods, curators can be held responsible for their actions, and also what facilitates them, what drives them to do what they do. Talks are currently being dome with @ehiboss to get a sort of mega move going on on steemit!

im open on! If you have any other suggestions, or you wish to drop a word or two, you can reach me there!


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