What I need - A short letter

in #writing4 years ago

What I need.png

From: me.
To: me.

Every time I wish I could do the best,
every time I wish I could the person I want to be.
But I dissapoint myself,
because the most of time,
I hope perfection,
and perfection doesn't ever exist.
I can't be perfect, I can't do perfect things.
But why my mind don't understand that?
Why I keep forcing myself
to do perfect things if that's impossible?

I need to stop.
I need to stop of waiting perfection.
I need to stop and not to try be perfect.

I need to be me.
I need to love every part of me and my actions.
I need to love myself and specially,
I need to understand I'm not perfect -and I never will-
and that's okay.