the only love that lasts is unrequited love

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How long did it take you to realise that only the elderly couples and families are capable of truly loving? Assuming you reached that conclusion at some point, have you ever wondered why?...

It's because those who've survived years under the same roof got tired of the social construct that is "love" and settled on a more stable ground, from there on, it escapes our gullible minds. Some call it constructed love, some call it trust, peace, tranquility and so on so forth...

And then, only then do we begin to comprehend the nature of love, we regress to our former selves and listen to the child inside each and every one of us, that blank-minded urchin yearning for his or her first taste of "love at first sight". What goes through the mind of a woman when she holds her baby for the first time? Does she know who that baby is? Does a father feel anything but love holding his firstborn? How did we grow the audacity to denounce the purity of such emotions just because our ways of loving were so impure? How did we tarnish such a beautiful sentiment and colour it blue because one or two dates left us with a scar? It's a feeling, not a contract, and not a waiver of conformity. Just look at how many people are looking for "true love". I daresay that if we threw at you someone who truly loved you, regardless of how you feel for them, you would cave in. You're well aware of that, yet you wouldn't dare go after those who pique your curiosity.

The mother tongue of humanity is love, it's our own wickedness that divided us. Nature is love, anything else is chaos! Now we're throwing a tantrum because of concepts we inducted, like the friendzone.

Does it exist? Well of course it doesn't! If it did exist Eve would have friendzoned Adam and the human race would be long extinct, almost according to every religion there is, save the newly introduced face of the devil as a handsome man, then the human race would be a bunch of demi-devils.

The friendzone is the offspring of greed. Man falls in love with woman, confesses his feelings, woman says "let's just be friends". The greed doesn't happen after the rejection, it happens during the act. If you truly understood the meaning of love, you'd know that it means casting yourself aside and shedding the spotlight on this woman you're in love with. Instead, you're using your feelings to try and buy her into belonging to you, that's not a confession, that's an auction-bid. Now due to this particular female's greed, she's under the impression that your presence is greatly appreciated, but not enough for her to reciprocate your feelings. She still needs you to make her happy however you do, all while dangling the promise of a future together in front of you.

True love is conditioned, you can't love someone like that if you don't know how to love yourself first. You can't dress someone up with your words if all that's on your mind is undressing them. And you sure as hell can't love someone just as long as they love you back.

In other words, love for your own sake, at your own risk. Love isn't a bond, it's a feeling. And it is as strong as we let it grow to be.

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