7 underestimated things you should tell your partner more often to bring them closer to you

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There are times when saying out loud even the least underestimated thing can return the spark and the lost romance. These 7 phrases will help you recover that spark.


They do not say at all that a relationship needs a lot of work. Especially, once the initial spark and romance begin to fade after the initial years. Regardless of the duration of the relationship you need to find ways to keep the spark alive. Well, there are some ways in which a little effort will be required, but you can say some things that seem uncomfortable.


Not everyone says things they have in mind because they are afraid of the reaction to their statement. Furthermore, expressing oneself without hesitation can be a tedious task, since it requires lowering one's guard and being vulnerable. But that's where a safe relationship comes into play. In a safe and respectful relationship, you can say things without any hesitation.


While it is true that after a few years the relationship loses its spark, and it is also true that one of you would have to make the effort and be the first to bring back the spark. Well, small gestures, heartfelt compliments and some underestimated affirmations can help you break that ice and take the first step to return that love to your relationship. So let's see what those 7 underestimated things are that you should tell your partner as often as possible so that they bring you the same sweetness, warmth and love in your relationship.


1. How can I support you today?

This may sound strange and make you feel like an employee of the service sector, but this will definitely help the two of you get closer. Normally you would tend to listen to your partner about your day or offer help for the things they are struggling with.


But, by asking how you could support them, you can show them that you care. Eliminate guesswork when trying to discover what your partner is trying to say and develop a connection. In a healthy long-term relationship that shows concern and supports your partner, it is necessary to have a functional relationship.


2. Your eyes sparkle!

Completing can be difficult in a relationship, as it may seem too corny and feel uncomfortable to say it. But, sprouting openly about your smile or how your eyes light up when you are excited, it will undoubtedly make you feel good, recovering the warmth of the relationship.


Complementing in a non-sexual way can make your partner feel valued for what they are and show that you love them for the things that are unique to them. Well, everyone likes to be noticed and appreciated, so do not be content or afraid to make some heavy comments, even if it's not your thing.


3. Hug me

Finding affection and intimacy can be daunting if you try to convey the message in indirect ways. You should not go around the bush or give clues waiting for your partner to telepathically understand your need for affection. For example, if you are having a bad day and you want a hug, simply telling your partner is better than implying things.


Be brave and ask what you want and the inability to express may show certain flaws in the relationship. Asking for affection can be strange or rather uncomfortable if you are used to walking from one place to another or waiting for your partner to make the move. Being direct reduces any possibility of lack of communication and sends a clear message of what you want. You must make sure that both of you are comfortable with that.


4. Am I smelling funny?

It is normal for you to hide your inner stranger around your partner in a relationship for several reasons. But to build closeness in a relationship, it is important not to hide your true personality. One of those cases in which you can be yourself is to be open about your bodily functions.


As ridiculous as it sounds, but you must get to a point where you are throwing farts openly in front of them. Well, we all experience some stinky bodily functions and your partner should accept it everywhere. It is important to show your partner on this side if you plan to spend the rest of your lives together.


5. I appreciate you for what you are

It is no secret that showing gratitude and appreciating them is one of the elements of a happy relationship. To develop a greater amount of closeness in a relationship, you need to take it to the background. You should tell them about the things you appreciate about them instead of thanking them.


Being specific and recognizing your efforts will make your partner feel appreciated and recognized. Recognize the efforts you are putting into the relationship and say things like: "I love the way you do it" or "I appreciate how considerate it is". If you do it often, the discomfort of appreciating will be gradually reduced.


6. Coming home to you is the best part of my day

Many people would refrain from using this phrase because they might consider it too soft or a sign of vulnerability. But, this is a subtle phrase to express your affection or a deep sense of care for your partner. This may come out as cheesy. If you are not used to openly express and catch your partner off guard. But, I would let your partner know that they are an important part of your life and that being able to return to them means a lot to you


7. My ex-used to do this

The opening of your previous relationship is a treacherous path that you are treading, but it is an important element for a successful relationship. Also, if you want to increase closeness in a relationship, talking about your ex is an important milestone. The moment you let your guard down and trust your partner with the information you have not shared with many people. Make sure you do not do this excessively and regularly since that would send a message that you have not moved. Doing it in moderation would strengthen the bond you share and unite the two so that they close as a couple.



These phrases should be used sparingly and not excessively, which would result in a reduction in the value of what you are saying. Saying these things can be uncomfortable and uncomfortable for you, but have an unimaginable impact in strengthening the relationship.

You must lower your guard and be open to truly get close to someone and forget how uncomfortable your statement is. Well, if it does not go as planned, the two of you can laugh at it once the moment has passed.



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It's good for a relationship to speak those little things that can mean so much.