30 Days Writing challenge. Day 9: write a letter to your teenage self

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Dear Teenage self,
I write you this letter, spurred on by time's gift of foresight. If only you can see what I have seen, if only you know what I know now. The journey is going to be long, hard, complex. There will be regrets, I can promise you that, and triumphs too.


Chammy will fall for you, give you all of her soul and you will toss it away into the wind. You will never forget what you lost. You will never forgive yourself your mistakes. Be careful the friends you keep and meet for you will find yourself down a path that will break you and in breaking you, you will find poetry, sad and wilful.

You will be bored one day and decide to go out into the school farm with some home boys, don't. It will afflict you with addictions that you will never counter and when you fail your senior class 1 promotion exams, do not change schools for it will only make you worse.

One day, you will see a girl, beautiful and because you are weak and fearful of rejection, you will say nothing. Don't be a fool, tell her how you feel. You should not be like me, who went wooing her best friend instead. Do not go to your friends house. You will see something that will scar you and bend you into something else. Stay the fuck away from alcohol. It will mess you up.

Read those books, enjoy classes and learn something new. And for God's sake, learn a skill. You will need it when the writing does not bring in enough to pay the bills.

Be strong. The bullies will go after a while. Be brave, they will grow and leave one day as you too will. You will lose some friends as well; don't think too much about it. Be kind to Jimmy and forgive him for chewing your favourite shirt. One day, you will miss him and weep for him.

Do not hide your interest for creativity. Be a part of the literary club. Don't let this shyness hide you. Browse that library to the bone.

There's so much I can warn you about but it is not good that I should make you fear. The future will be tough but you will overcome. Writing will be your priesthood, where you worship, where you pray. It will save you many times over. You will value it above all else.

I hope this letter finds you well. I hope you realise that your anger will become redundant with time. You know, pops will become more approachable and moms will fall sick. You will become their go to guy. So love them now and understand them better. Life is short, who knows what the earth has in her bosom?

I can't write everything that is in my heart but know that I love you and must believe that you will be a better man for this.

Yours always,
Your adult self.

©Osahon, 2020.


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