Wyoming Student Arrested For Standing Up For Her Rights

in #wyoming2 months ago

Grace Smith is a hero.


So many people are just sitting back and taking these outrageous assaults on their liberty. So many sheep in America today.

Grace is not a sheep. She politely and firmly refused to be masked in school. The cowardly administration of Albany County Schools called the cops on her and locked down the school as if a shooting was in progress. The piece of garbage cops followed their unconstitutional orders and arrested the young lady.

This garbage won't stop until we make it stop. Do you want to live in hell like the Australians? I don't.

If you feel so inclined, you can donate to help Grace with her legal fees here:


Crazy stuff man, that’s all I can say!

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Do you want to live in hell like the Australians?

Their monthly income in real life is more than $470 USD per month, right? Or my question should rather be they are getting at least their local minimum wage, right?

I already live in hell in Hungary, with multiple disabilities, under the local minimum wage, which would be approximately $550 USD per month.

Grace Smith is no hero. Just a special snowflake who thinks she’s above the law.

This is not law. This is tyranny. Enjoy your time in the FEMA camp.

The FEMA peat bog slave-labor camps of northern Minnesota await!