XRP will pump at least 4x due to this one thing

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$XRP Will Pump


Ripple is on the precipice of winning the lawsuit brought by the SEC in the United States. I think most people now expect this to be a win for the crypto company. Ripple themselves are making moves that suggest they are expecting to win, and very soon.

What does that mean for the price of $XRP? Already we are seeing signs of it moving up as the FOMO starts to kick in. It already topped the gainers charts on several exchanges in the immediate past, and rightfully so.

The price of $XRP has been unfairly kept down by this court case and was prevented from reaching new ATHs with other cryptos in 2021. $XRP ATH of around $3.40 was achieved over six years ago! Most coins of it's caliber did not only make new all time highs, but have stayed above the previous one even in the bear market! In theory, the current "fair" price for $XRP should be above four dollars.

So, what does this mean? In my opinion, I think when the case is won outright, we may see a quick surge in price from around 5 cents to 4 dollars very quickly. It would be a reset of sorts. The market cap is already quite high though, at number 6 currently, so that will probably prevent it from doing crazy 10x or more, but I think a 4-8X is well in the horizon for $XRP.

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The way we know how long this case has been going on and now they have won it is a very good thing and we can see that it will give very good returns in the future in the coin because it the coin belongs to a Chinese company native.

Cant wait till it's all over. It will be good for the industry.

Yeah you are right.

Let's see how it goes

WHats up what XMR ? can you look in this also ?

No idea. I noticed also XML is pumping hard. I think maybe people are associating them with "XRP" because of the X 😂

We need to get X in HIve name also :)) then we get this old 13 dollar back :)))

Hahah. XIVE 😂

:))) 😎