@elonmusk dump #bitcoin for #doge, why not SHIB coin?

in #yeheylast month

@elonmusk dump #bitcoin for #doge because of electricity usage, but they are both the same proof of work. Majority of #doge coins controlled by 2 people, you should check #SHIB coin instead.

Image from ShibaToken website.

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I bought my first 1 million SHIB coin, a small investment to make with lots of potential in the near future. Always, Invest wisely.


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Because Elon pumped and dumped it for his ends. Yep he rode the market and rose it enough to offset his costs. Then sold. Hehe. Not bad. Achievement with nothing risked.

This time he's leaving bitcoin, not promoting it.

We will see what happens but you got to go where the money is. In his mind Bitcoin has hit the top.

Personally I think he's smart but I disagree about this decision.

We will know in just a matter of week.
Invest wisely.

I'm in it for the long haul so I'm just going to hang back and get interest on what I've got for Bitcoin

You are absolutely right, trust me early investors will benefit greatly from $shiba. I bought about 500k with little tokens too,

Good move.