A Reflection on Chair Pose - Utkatãsana

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We stand on our legs throughout our waking state; thus, the foundation for movement and action are the legs. The legs have to be trained to make them firm and steady. Without a firm foundation, a building cannot stand. Similarly, without the firm foundation of strong legs and feet, the brain, which is the seat of intelligence, cannot be held in correct alignment with the spine. Hence the standing poses are introduced first. ~Geeta S. Iyengar

Chair Pose - Utkatãsana

Utkata means powerful. This pose is indicated to everyone who is just beginning their yoga journey, it strengthens the legs and ankles and corrects minor deformities of the legs. The diaphragm is lifted here which massages the heart and the organs and the muscles of your back are toned.

From standing with weight evenly distributed throughout the 4 corners of the feet:

  • Inhale: bend the knees and reach your arms up, squeeze the legs together.
  • Exhale: lower the hips and hold the posture for a few breaths.
    Keep shoulders away from your ears. Keep face, mouth and throat soft.

For those with knee vulnerabilities make sure that when you look down you can see your toes. Knees not overpassing your toes.

This is a perfect posture to execute a few days after menstruation until ovulation. Estrogen levels are rising which means you will naturally have more energy, making this a perfect time to build up your strength to help ground yourself. Invest in a more intense yoga practice, your body will more easily recover from sore muscle too.

During Pregnancy this is a safe posture. Bring feet hip distance apart for comfort and ease, instead of bending down through the knees, you lower down by taking your seat bones back and down. It might seem like the same thing, but there is a difference and with practice you become aware of it.

This posture will alleviate any hips or pelvic floor discomforts created by the release of the hormone Relaxin, and brings stability and strength to the body to carry your baby.

Last but not least it’s perfectly suitable for any stage of menopause.

(Always consult you doctor and your yoga teacher if you have any health issues before beginning any yoga practice)

~Much love light and blessings



beautiful alignment and composition =)

beautiful alignment and composition =)

looks great! adore black and white photos. and the pose is good for me as a beginner;)

Thank You! I'll start posting videos of short beginner friendly sequences soon.