Really amazing. People of every country must be careful about these things. we should do something for disabled peoples. And technology can give us the opportunity to help them.And this is a very good initiative from Japan. I really appriciate.

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I continue to be astounded with the level of innovations and technological advancements in Japan and the rest of Asia. They really make science look cool

How funny!!!!
Great vine video,,
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Very funny and hahahahahahaha

This is impressive
Very impressive technology.

@sirvotesalot very funny.i always support you @upvote & @resteemed.

That's why they are the best in technology!

very amazing tech,i like this and every commercial building should be built like this.lemme upvote and resteem

Interesting haaa! this is missing in most of the modern buildings. It time for architectures and other Engineer to learn from Japan. I love it!

This is so cool and useful.

The machine that moves to the railing is called a wheelchair lift ... but it is very dangerous and takes a long time. It would be nice to install it in places people do not use well. And if it is more expensive to build an elevator due to the nature of the building, I would consider it.

japan best in the technology ! i appriciate. every person and every country do should some thing helping disabled peoples.this is not funny

Wow very amazing and so attractive, i liked it sir, special thanks to you