1UP new artwok!

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hi guys, here again with new illustrations, this time my friend @flauwy ask me new comissions for the 1UP character playing with other characters from other games like @splinterlands and axie infinity, I hope you like it and I hope to keep making more artwork for all the community. here some sketches and final art for 1UP.

1up axies.png

1up axies.jpg

1up axies.jpg

1up splinterlands.png

1up splinterlands.jpg

let me know what do you think on this, I hope to keep making more art even animations for 1UP


Master! We need more of these cool and awesome artwork. Please, make it rain upon us!

hey! soon more awesome artwork

Thank you so much for all your work!

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glad to work with you and 1UP

Wow, nice work!

thank you, soon more illustrations and animations

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Oh, that is beautiful my friend. Keep them coming, I'm sure we all want to see more of those.

Nice arts, it's so cool !!

I love it, you made those summoners look super cute!

I love them! I think it is time to start getting this artworks minted as NFTs!
And it is so nice seeing some parts of your process as well.
Thanks for this great post. @solymi do not forget to leave at least a PIZZA