Damn you Seungri

in #2d1n5 years ago (edited)

As an avid follower of K-pop, I'm so disappointed with the maknae (the youngest member of the group) of BIGBANG. Google "Seungri Burning Sun scandal" for deets all over the Internet. While it's great that all the dirty laundry is out, I'm mainly upset because subsequently it involves my favourite Korean variety show, 2 Days & 1 Night (affectionately known as 2D1N).

Source. The 2D1N team helps me discover South Korea while doing some wicked funny missions.

While I'm at it, damn you too, Jung Joon Young a.k.a. JJY.

Source. JJY. Why.

I've been following this show on and off since season 1 with the original cast, since I first watched it in KBS channel via satellite TV. I started to watch it more often (but not every time) when Cha Tae Hyun joined as part of the cast.

Source. I love Cha Tae Hyun in his breakthrough movie "My Sassy Girl", but I adore him more as the magician Jeon Woo Chi in the TV series version.

Then, Yoon Si Yoon came on board.

Source. I watched 2D1N religiously once my biggest crush Baking King Kim Tak Gu joined the cast.


My life was full of sunshine. YouTube was now the best thing since kimchi fried rice and fed my soul with all the Korean goodness my soul needed.

Then JJY had to pull the rug from under me by having all his perverse scandals of filming him having sex with women without their permissions and sharing them with Seungri et al atop of his suspected rape, causing his phone to be confiscated by the police, and exposed text messages of Cha Tae Hyun and castmate Kim Junho in a friendly and private betting game of golf, causing the two to quit 2D1N.

With 2D1N in indefinite hiatus, my whole year is now ruined and I don't know what else to watch in YouTube. No more Yoon Si Yoon eye candy for me.

Please don't tell me to watch Running Man. I've tried. Nothing does to me the way 2D1N did with their tour of South Korea and having Si Yoon there. 2D1N made me miss South Korea even more. I hope to return there again in the near future.

For now, let me drown my misery with more EXO but don't get me started with Xiumin *sobs*

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