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Meeting number 7 complete

In marriage we talk about getting over the 7 year hump and even though my meetup isn't a marriage and hasn't been around for 7 years I do feel like I made it over the hump with meeting number 7 coming to completion today.

When I first joined AltspaceVR, prior to Hivefest 2020, I realized there wasn't a steady crypto meetup and felt it was the perfect opportunity. Now, we are already 7 weeks in and I couldn't be happier. So I felt I would do a small recap and give you guys some data too look at. Below is a table with data compiled from the previous event pages that tells you how many users were interested, how many showed up and how many stuck around the whole time etc.

Meetup DateGuestInterstedAttendedPeak Concurrent UsersJoins
12-06-2020Intro - Danny @qwoyn29381345
12-13-2020Andrew Wagner51631786
01-03-2021Dave Mancini259114109

Our first meetup was an introductory meetup and I basically just went over what I was trying to accomplish with this educational and fun experience. I noted that I would be inviting speakers every week and allow the altspace community to participate in this journey. For the second meetup I invited Andrew Wagner the founder of to give us an overview and history of blockchain games and the evolution of blockchain based games. Our 3rd meetup was probably the most technical meetup we have had so far. @disregardfiat gave us a rundown of his platform and plans he has for the future. On the 4th meetup I took the opportunity to give users an overview of proof-of-work vs proof-of-stake and gave them an introduction to staking on Ethereum 2.0 with my platform EtherChest. Dave Mancini, the co-founder of GeoCoin, joined us for the fifth meetup and gave us an informative overview of his blockchain geocaching app built on Ubiq. Another Hiver joined us for our sixth meetup and told us everything we needed to know about NFTmart. Todays meetup was graced by the presence of @crimsonclad who gave us a thorough overview of the Hive Blockchain, the different frontends, nfts, games and everything Hive has to offer.

Things to come

We are already mostly booked up through February and I'm really excited for our upcoming guests. We have blockchain games, a blockchain meshnet project and blockchain book authors coming this time around. I highly recommend checking out the upcoming speakers listed below.

Upcoming Meetups
Meetup DateGuest
01-24-2021Decimated Team
01-31-2021Dan Trevino - Blockstack
02-07-2021Deborah Simpier - Althea
02-14-2021Lorne and Daniel - Mastering Blockchain
02-18-2021Marguerite deCourcelle - Neon District
02-21-2021Abstrct - CoinDroids

Interested in Speaking?

I'm always looking for more speakers to come and share their projects with users in Altspace. I do want to remind everyone that this is not a place to shill coins but a place to share information about blockchain technology. If you are working on an interesting project related to blockchain please contact me and I will share my calendly link with you. I typically like to vet the projects that will come speak so don't be shy and reach out to me in the Hashkings Discord Server. I'm always available and willing to take a look at your project. It's free to come talk at the meetup so take the plunge and share your project with us!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you soon!


Congrats on 7 years!!