The Cryptocurrency Generation Meetup Summary - Jan 3 -2020

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One full month of meetups behind us!

When I first started this meetup last month I had a feeling it would be a pretty big success but didn't realize how many new people would join every time. I am blown away by the overwhelming response and attention the meetup has gotten and we are quickly becoming altvr's most popular crypto meetup! Thank you to those who have attended and I hope to see you soon!



This weeks presenter was David Mancini the lead developer of geocoin. Dave was kind enough to come and talk to us about his blockchain game and explain the details of geocaching on the blockchain.

GeoCoin is an erc20 built on the ubiq chain which is basically a clone of the ethereum chain with an increase in block time. I had actually never heard about ubiq before hearing about GeoCoin but was fairly impressed by the amount of users and development on that chain, no surprise GeoCoin decided to build their project there.

I'm sure many of you have heard of geocaching but may not know about GeoCoin. Basically the premise is the same, visit locations and redeem the reward except that the reward is an erc20 token. They have a global user base and many participants already active during their beta. This idea started in 2015 using the google maps api but has since moved to mapbox which suits the needs of the users better.

If you would like to learn more about them please visit their website and/or say hello in their discord channel located in the Ubiq Server.

Turn out was fantastic this week with over 100 users joining the meetup throughout the 2 hours!


Thanks a ton for reading this post and hope to see you in Altspace soon!

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Sounds like an interesting event, and I'm sorry I missed it.

When is the next one?

It's every Sunday at 4pm PST, hope to see you there!

It's every Sunday at 4pm PST, hope to see you there!