🌫If not posting what else I am doing these days [steemit]🌫

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I was not as active as I was for last few day and I seen a slow increase in followers, it's not that I was completely inactive on steemit, as it's doesn't feels complete unless I check my profile atleast 15 to 20 times a day.
So what I am doing these days mostly is post less curate more. These days simply upvoting and commenting on posts of dear STEEMians, mostly from @indiaunited discord group and sometimes from feed and new post section.
I know my upvote value is not something that makes someone jump out of excitement however I do believe my small upvotes help keep them going unless they get a big boost from a good whale or a dolphin.
Now if you are reading this post and believe that my 0.02-0.03$ upvote can help you in any way you can leave your view on my post in comment section and your latest post will get an upvote And may be some suggestion or appreciation as comment.
I believe everyone can learn and evolve here.

Status at time of writing this post:

Followers: 825
Following: 172
Active SP: 525
Reputation: 66

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🙏Namaste 🙏

Have a nice day, till next time see ya.... @singhrajat



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Good information bro. Your thinking is well @singhrajat

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Thnx for appreciation, but I know I lack something called proper interaction, I guess I need to work on that

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