Crypto 2019(Movie review) - Don't be fooled!

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Crypto is a 2019 American movie written by Carlyle Eubank with David Frigario.

I was scrolling through my twitter feed when I saw a tweet about movies that were crypto related. That's where I found the movie "Crypto", I had to hunt for it since I consider the subject to be one of my favorite topics. So I searched for the movie with all enthusiasm and excitement, first I saw the trailer, it didn't seem bad, none of the actors were familiar except Kurt Russel, which didn't really matter anyway, so I took a deep breath, sank in my couch, plugged my ears and clicked play.

Cryptocurrencys are a fairly new paradigm of technology in our world today, it's the reason why movies relating to it are still very scarce, but I have a strong belief that this will change over time. The movie Silicon Valley has been the only movie to properly apply the properties of cryptocurrency in establishment of a project (Piedpiper Coin). Here in the movie "Crypto", they focused on just one aspect of the properties of cryptocurrency, which is as a tool in transferring of value.

Transferring of value in this case is par to money laundering. Well what did I expect? Cryptocurrencys are more widely known for being used by Criminals to launder money due to the fact that transactions are encrypted, hidden from being public, and pretty much anonymous.

In this movie, they had Russian cabals laundering money with crypto and cleaning the money through an art gallery in New York. The operation was foiled by a talented AML officer who had a corrupt boss who was a beneficiary of the money laundering scheme.

I know this is one way to look at this, its probably the most relatable, but looking at it technically, it only proves a working technology in bad hands, as could be any other thing like gold, USD, barrels of oil, name it, yet, people think crypto is the bad kid made for criminals. Understanding that the movie was to entertain rather than inform, I like that they tapped into the current technology system as a point of reference.


The interesting part of the movie was that the AML officer had a best pal who was a total techy and crypto advocate, he ran a mining rig, and made a lot of mentions of "ICO", lol, it was fun seeing someone saying a lot of crypto related terms in an entertaining way, the dude was a tremendous help in foiling the Russian crime taking place, but it didn't end quite well for him.

I expect a lot better from a movie titled 'Crypto', I expect that the movie will apply some of the use cases of the myriad of available use cases of crypto we have today, there are some blockchains that movies could be made out of, there are a myriad of ways a movie titled crypto can be actually made to truly represent the title, the title here should be, Fast and Launder or something like that. The title "Crypto" could be represented by a better movie.

As much as the movie could bring awareness to the cryptosphere, it could also lead to foolery as some people might be fooled with the opine that its what crypto is all about. If you're new to crypto don't be fooled, crypto goes way more, but yeah, fun movie, if you're not new to crypto, well, sit back and enjoy how far ahead you are in life. Lol

Hope you've enjoyed the review. Thank you for reading.

Here's the trailer. Enjoy.

MovieDB link -

Movie rating - AA


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