Activating The Rainbow Bridge To A New Earth - 21/12 Energy Activation Replay

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The 21/12 session that we did to celebrate and connect to the winter solstice and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was just incredible.

Here are just some of the comments that people made during the live call:

Wow! so many visions and clarity. Thank you. Best way to start a Monday 🙂

Amazing heat and energy in my left side...…. followed by swirling rainbow streams twirling upwards... feel warm and humming.

The last part of your playing brought me to some place deep inside of me, and far outside - at the same time. Beautiful: Thank you.

Thank you so very much Gregg, that was magical. Imaging my ancestral line and feeling so much gratitude that because of them, I am here. Some resonations within certain parts of my body at certain tones. Thank you.

You played away the clouds here in Stockholm - first time the sun has peeked through for over a month!

I heard the Elders talk through your digeridoo and danced at Uluru with the rainbow bridge coming into view - amazing!!! I ran with wolves, swam with a turtle in pristine seas and saw all the beautiful non-physical beings who support the Earth giving us all a joyful round of applause’ for being present and giving space to the bringing in of the new era xx

Thank you Sam! Saw the trees all over the planet connecting, and then also with all the lonely people, into a beautiful colorful light network!

Thank you so much - i have lost my fear that had been sitting in my heart xx

Yes. Thank you to all three of you. your modalities complemented each other beautifully.

So, I thought I’d send out the joining link one last time, in case you’d like to enjoy the replay.

We collectively took part in powerful energetic activations, vibrational healing using sound and imprinting our intentions for the New Earth into the collective morphic field.

This event includes the following three sessions:

21/12 DNA, Kundalini and Rainbow Bridge Activation With Patricia Maddalena

Uluru Prophecy Activation with the Ancient Australian Didgeridoo With Gregg Chapman

Matrix Collective Consciousness Co-Visioning The New Earth with Sam Neffendorf

It was absolutely beautiful and profound and you can find out more and access the replay at this link, if you wish:

And, it will give you instant access to the replay, to take part in whenever you want to.


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