The intelligence of your body

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How do some people “spontaneously” heal from so-called incurable conditions?

Why do some people on the healthiest diets and exercise regimes “get sick,” while others coast along in unhealthy lifestyles, smoking 20 a day until the ripe old age of 100?

Throughout our lives, we’ve been taught to believe that symptoms, such as fever, headaches, high cholesterol, rashes, pain and even anxiety and depression are “bad” and show that “something is wrong” and needs to be fixed.

But, what if these symptoms are the intelligence of the body expressing something about our mental, emotional and energetic landscape that requires attention?

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy”- Nietszche

Health is not random.

Your body has, encoded within it, prehistoric, biological survival adaptations.

  • It knows when you’re struggling to accept something.
  • It knows when you’re feeling powerless or worthless.
  • It knows when you’re fearful.
  • It knows when you’re wrestling with a decision.

And then it steps in with specific biological and psychological changes, designed to help your survival.

If it’s a one-off issue, you may have some minor symptoms and then it’s over…

But, if it's a consistent problem in your life, you could develop chronic or serious dis-ease.

We've all been conditioned to see this as something going wrong. However, in most cases, the symptoms are actually part of the body's healing process.

And, once you understand what they mean, you are on the journey to heal yourself, as well as becoming knowledgeable about how your body can guide you to create a more aligned, rich and fulfilling life.

With META-Consciousness, you can get a deep understanding of your symptoms, what they mean and how you can heal and live a thriving life.

If you are currently living with symptoms that you've been unable to heal, get in touch and we can spend some time exploring your situation on a call at no cost to you.

And, if you are a practitioner and want to deepen your understanding of your client's health conditions and healing process, join my Introduction To META-Consciousness Course, beginning on 10th March.

True healing exists when we embrace our symptoms as the intelligent process that they are, enabling us to move through them, rather than seeing them as a mistake that we want to suppress or avoid at all costs.

I'd love to guide you with this empowering, healing knowledge.


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