1/30 Days of showing my art

Hello and Namaste Hope you all are doing well, past few months has been really busy for me not even have time to post anywhere anyway I am really happy to see people of hive now i took challenge of posting 30 Days Consistently so Get ready to embark on a visual journey with me! For the next 30 days, I'll be unveiling a daily dose of captivating photography and mesmerizing cinematography, showcasing the beauty of yoga, the allure of models, the excitement of commercials, magic of the streets, and the timeless romance of weddings, and and last but not least how can i forget to share such a beautiful city with mountains and Heart of yoga Rishikesh Join me as I infuse each day with my unique creative flair, unveiling a world of artistry and innovation. Let's make every day a masterpiece! 🌟

My first Picture of 30 days challenge

I took this picture while i was shooting with a yoga school one banks of ganges,


Camera Sony A7m4
Aperture F 2.8
ISO 100
Lens Tamron 28- 75mm
Shutter Speed 150 Sec